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Download - iPhone Ticket App has updated the iPhone Ticket App and Android Ticket App to a new 3.0 version supporting most all smartphones.

New Features:

  • Advanced Search for any event in the world
  • Search for events using a specific date range
  • Improved event listing with Home/Away and Local/All
  • Sort Concerts, Theater, Sports, and Venues by date or alphabetical
  • Call Button on all screens
  • You location is displayed and can be changed for different event results
  • Find events using the My Music button which shows
  • New Favorites feature allows you to create favorites and sync across multiple devices or a new mobile phone
  • Hot Promo page for the latest discounts
  • New page to find out the latest
  • Map of Venue to get driving directions
  • View Venue Map while looking at tickets
  • Price Filter for tickets
  • Reminders to shop for events at a later date
  • Social Media sharing with your friends and networks
  • Sort Tickets by quantity, section, row, and price
  • Shop with confidence using the StubJunction Free iPhone Ticket App and Free Android Ticket App

More Information:

Download the Free Ticket App by to find and buy tickets to your favorite events.  Whether you are looking for premium seats, cheaps seats, or below face value tickets, StubJunction Tickets Free iPhone App and Free Android Ticket App can help you.  We have taken pride in building one of the best ticket apps available, now you can conifidenlty search for tickets throughout the United States and Canada from your mobile phone at anytime, anywhere.  Many of our clients shop for tickets last minute, while commuting, or with friends at a social gathering.  People come back over and over to buy tickets using the StubJunction Ticket App because it works so well and we have become their trusted partner for getting them into the sports events, theater events, and concerts.

Imagine that your are on a train (not driving your car), or meeting a friend for happy hour, and you want to see your favorite NFL game this weekend, or a concert this weekend.  What are you going to do?  Use your mobile phone to struggle on some ticket website?  NO.  Download the ticket app and open up the StubJunction iPhone App, or Android App and start shopping.  If you unfortunately do not have a smartphone yet, then you can shop using the StubNut mobile ticket website by visiting with your almost smarthphone.

Are you a traveler?  Are you a business traveler?  You need the StubJunction Ticket App.  Many business travelers use Yelp!, maps, Trip Advisor, etc.  But you also need the StubJunction Free Ticket App.  Howelse are you going to findout what is happening now or this week in Vegas, Boston, New York, or any other city that you are traveling to?  Not only can you find last minute tickets using the StubJunction Ticket App, but you can figure out what you should do with your spare time on your next vacation or business trip.  If you know that you are going to a new city in the future, you can use the search feature in combination with the date filter to get the best search results.  We know that we are going to Las Vegas in a couple of months and we like the event and ticket results on the StubJunction Free Ticket App better than any website.  Celine Dion?  Check.  MGM Garden tickets?  Check. Cirque Du Soleil tickets?  Check.

Do you have a flexible schedule and love Major League Baseball or the National Football League?  We love MLB and NFL!  Hmmm... it is a Tuesday afternoon or a Sunday morning and you have nothing better to do because you are a sportsaholic.  Well, why don't you head down towards the stadium, walk around, decide if you want to go into the game.  Instead of dealing with the teaming scalpers at the stadium, pull out your trusty StubJunction Ticket App and buy some last minute tickets.  You can complete the purchase right on your smartphone or call StubJunction using the call feature and place your order.  Who knows, you could find some cheap seats or frontrow seats.  If you can purchase the tickets on your smartphone ticket app, then we can deliver the tickets to you at will call.  You can confidently buy your tickets using the iPhone ticket app, Android ticket app, or on the StubJunction mobile website and walkover to will call, pick up your tickets, and enjoy the game.  What better way can you go to the ball game?  OK, sitting in a luxury box with some free food and drinks with Justin Bieber, Rush, or Van Halen would make it better.  We have plenty of fans that have bought last minute tickets to the Pittsburg Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and Denver Broncos.  Now that Peyton Manning is a Bronco, we expect plenty of ticket purchases on the StubJunction Ticket App.

If you have an iPhone and have a bunch of music in your iTunes, then My Artists is a great way to find concert tickets.  Simply open the Free Ticket App, and click on My Artists.  It is amazing how you can find concerts using the music already on your phone.  You may not know that Poison, Motley Crue, Mumford And Sons, or Drake is playing near you.

With the StubJunction Free Ticket App, you can use your iPhone or Android device to easily find Theater tickets in your city or a vacation destination or a business trip.  Simply use your existing location which is set when you open the app and click on the Theater icon.  This will allow you to search for a Theater event by date or alphbetically.  Now, if you are planning on travelling, you can change your app location by selecting the arrow below the search box on the home screen, enter a city name or zip code and wallah, now your Free Ticket App will act like it is in another city.

Sports is one of my favorite events to see and shop for using the StubJunction Ticket App or Mobile Ticket Website.  The app is smart enough to know your location, so just select the Sports icon on the home screen and see the sports teams in your area.  Once you select a team, the results will be displayed in home and away games so you can easily find your favorite sports event.

There is a ton of tickets and events for concerts available on the StubJunction Free Ticket App.  You can use your existing location or change your location to see all of the concerts coming up.  We designed the app so that you can find concerts by date or alphbetized using the tab at the top of the concerts result page.  This summer, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Crosby Stills, & Nash, and the Brothers of the Sun Tour are hot tickets.

Maybe you are a venue junky.  It is super easy to find out all of the events going on at a particular venue by selection the venue icon on the home screen of the ticket app.  Some Popular venues include Fenway Park, Staples Center, American Airlines Arena, Yankee Stadium, and Eugene O’Neill Theater.

Date night is not a problem when you click on This Week on the home screen of your Free StubJunction Ticket App.  Search for events and buy tickets to events near you for tonight or this week.  Many of our clients find the best events to see on Friday and Saturday night by using the This Week feature.

If you prefer to search for a concert, sports event, or theater show, then search away.  You can set a date range or just search and see the results.  Your search will provide you with local or all results.  Whether you are a Phish or a Celine Dion fan, you will find the tickets you are searching for using the StubJunction iPhone Ticket App, Android Ticket App, or Mobile Ticket Website.

Once you start rocking the app, make sure to mark your favorite team or performer as your favorite by clicking on the star next to their name.  We ask you to log in one time so that when you get a new  smartphone (or if you are lucky enough to have more than one smartphone) you can have all of your favorites sync.  That is right people, one app, a ton of your favorite events, and they sync accross multiple devices so that you can find your favorite events and shop for tickets with one click of the Favorites icon on the home screen of the StubJunction Ticket App.  Just simply select the star next to your favorite theater show, concert performer, or sports team and you have now created a favorite.

All of these ways of finding your favorite event will take you to a screen where you can see a map of where the venue is.  Why did we design a map to venue in the Ticket App?  Well, we know that some people are directionally challenged and some cities are not easy to navigate.  You can always come back to the map, and use the direction feature to get you to the show ontime.

Once you get to the ticket screen, this is where the magic happens on the StubJunction Ticket App.  First, you can sort each of the columns with a simple touch.  This means that you can sort by ticket quantity, section, row, and price.  Now if you really want to drill down, you can view the venue map while you look at the ticket inventory and you can use the price filter allowing you to set low and high limits.  Say you want to sit in section 101, row AA, then you may want to sort by section and then adjust the price filter so you can get those great seats at the best price. 

Pretend that you have been looking for tickets to the show at the bar and you almost found exactly what you want to buy, and then a great looking human of the opposit sex sits next to you.  You have two options, you can take them to the show or you can set a reminder in the StubJunction Ticket App for tomorrow, next week, or the day before the show to remind you that it is time to come back and check prices and buy tickets.

The last great feature of the ticket screen is the Social Media Sharing feature in the StubJunction Ticket App.  Find events and tickets and share with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and more.  You found the best Ticket App available with the most selection and lowest prices, so you might as well share the love with your friends and social network.

If you prefer to speak with a live person about your potential purchase with StubJunction's Ticket App or the Mobile Ticket Website, you can select the call button from any screen and speak to a U.S. based human that can help you, just don't do this during class or a business meeting.  You may be better off finding and buying tickets using the app instead with the checkout screen.

OK, so who the heck is and what are your options for buying tickets? was started in 2007 in Denver out of a love of live events.  We love to go to anything live, from Vegas shows, to local concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Denver Nuggets, and the Denver Broncos.  We even started traveling to see live shows on vacation.  Once the Colorado Rockies made a run for the World Series and MLB PL\layoffs, we started buying tickets and found that people wanted to buy tickets at certain prices and specific seats.  That big ugly monster that sells all of the tickets did not provide a way for people to buy what they wanted, they felt like they bought the leftover tickets.  We actually made some money helping people who are crazy about live events, and had fun.  Back then, we mostly helped people over the phone or on our old website.  We have sold $1.000,000's of tickets and helped 1,000's of fans.  People evolve and so does technology, we realized that people are more busy, commute further, are more social, and are looking for a better service.  Hence we decided it was time to go mobile, so we now have the iPhone Ticket App, Android Ticket App, and a Mobile Ticket Website.  No, we have not decided to go with a BlackBerry or Windows based mobile phone yet, but our Mobile Ticket Website will work with any phone that is smart enough to use Java.  If you phone does not have a keyboard, it may be a good time to get a new phone or simply call us.  There are over 100 million active iPhones and 100 million Android mobile smartphones, so we think there are plenty of fan whom are crazy about live events who will enjoy shopping for their favorite events using the StubJunction Free Ticket App.  Our apps are tested and we are nearing 1,000,000 sessions on our apps.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the Ticket App, please email us at or send us a line on our Contact Us page.

While we are a Colorado based Ticket Broker, we sell tickets all over the world to all types of events.  We only work with the most trusted ticket brokers, who help us get tickets for our clients for live events when we do not own the tickets.  While we carry our own inventory, we have established great relationships with other ticket brokers, which makes our ticket inventory huge and keeps the prices low.  How do we keep our ticket prices low?  Well when you buy and sell a lot of tickets with other ticket brokers, we get preffered discount rates.  Speaking of which, did you know that has a Price Guarentee?  If you find that your checkout price is lower on any other ticket website or ticket app, please send us a screenshot by email to and we will send you a discount code to match their price or for a future purchase.  There is a huge Ticket Broker with lots of advertising, it starts with Stub and ends in Hub and sounds like Stub-bub.  How do you think they pay for all of that advertising?  Got it?  Shop prices all day against them and others.

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